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What started as a two-hour experiment in a dead slot (11pm–1am) on the Game Network, a now-defunct video games channel, has held its own channel on Sky since 2006.

It can now boast “some of the UK’s hottest models, glamour girls, porn stars” and “just simply hot girls”.

Though the girls are free to view 24 hours a day, the temperature only gets ratcheted up between 10pm and 5.30am.

During daytime – Ofcom again – it’s friendly chat, and nothing stronger.

Call them now on our phone line or log on to our adult web cams and see them live. Want to know the low-down on their dirty little secrets?

Call our phone line now or see what really turns these girls on live via our adult web cam online. Want to know the low-down on their dirty little secrets?

But from 10pm, the pouting becomes more concerted, and before long models’ breasts are revealed, usually one by one.

Our girls love to surrender to the will of a hot, sexy dominant guy live by phone .

The men are producers on Babestation, and so they’re not just shooting the breeze here. Broadcast live from the studios below, Babestation is the UK’s best-known TV sex line, the premium-rate phone-in show where models in various states of undress invite late-night viewers to call in or text them. Occasionally, they actually get a girl calling in, and this is always good for business. ” flashes up on screen and viewers are encouraged to eavesdrop on the conversation, at the rate of £1.50 per minute. Though the girls go topless, mime masturbation and generally jiggle about for all they’re worth, Ofcom rules state they must always wear a thong.

The producers discuss which girls are fielding the most calls, and how they might persuade the 95 per cent of the men who, at any one time, are watching but not dialling their phone. (Furthermore no girl can thrust her crotch at the camera “for more than five unbroken seconds”.) But Babestation has come up with a novel way to circumnavigate this.

*** Babestation celebrates its 12th anniversary next year, during which time it has become something of an institution.

Though so-called “babe channels” have existed since 1995 when the US’s Playboy TV started Night Calls, a phone-in show where callers could “direct” the action being played out by the models, Babestation was the first of its kind in the UK.

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