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That definitely won’t help, he’ll just hate you and he’ll feel hurt, almost as if you were cheating on him. he has to see that you are still emotionally available for him, you just need some space and time to heal after your break up.

Hint him that you might like to get back together, but don’t attack him about it. Look, if you’re serious about this guy and you really want him back in your life, then you must change.

He’s out there, dating other women with more or less success. Either way, you want to hook up again because you’ve realized you still love him. You need to make him feel terrible for breaking up with you. That’s what you need to make him feel like if you want to get him back.

Is he still thinking about you, does he still love you; does he also want to get back together? Every other guy you meet can’t match his qualities and this just makes you go insane. Smack him over the head with a brick, throw him in the trunk of your car and take him home. You won’t get him back by spying and stalking him (stop checking his Facebook every 2 minutes), but by making him remember all the great times you had together, and making him imagine how nicer life could be if you were still together. All this emotional bullshit, arguing and blaming each other for crap is one of the reasons you might have broken up in the first place. Now you know what you’ve lost, and you are about to get it back.

Now, it’s time to actually get back in touch with your ex.

It depends; maybe you didn’t see each other, or talk, for months, or even a year.

It’s just the first step, but it’s a crucial one – ’cause now you’ve got your foot in the door. The second step to getting your ex back is forgiveness. Did you cheat, did he cheat, did the love evaporate, or you got bored, what is it? Forgive yourself if you’ve made mistakes and forgive him, you are both guilty in one way or another, and reminding each other about it won’t help.

You’ll never be able to be together again if you can’t forgive each other. It doesn’t really matter the point is that you give each other a clean slate. You can’t get back together if you are enemies, so stay close to each other by forgiving. Every day is a new opportunity for you to have a better life with a great guy, maybe it’s him – and now that you’re starting over, you’ve learned from your mistakes, but you can continue on only when you manage to forgive.

So don’t expect a happily ever after, supercool happy ending if you aren’t willing to do things differently than you did before, otherwise you’ll just end up breaking up again.

Maybe you just broke up two weeks ago and everything is still very emotional and fresh.

Either way, you can’t get back together with him over the phone, so you need to see each other.

Every date you go on with some new guy seems boring and shallow, you find yourself comparing him to your ex and this makes you feel even worse. This requires you to make some radical changes in your life. Nobody can guarantee you that you’ll end up being together again – but, in at least 90% of the cases, it’s totally possible. The reason you must answer these questions to yourself is so that you can determine a couple of things.

Stop and give at least 30 seconds of thought to each of the questions below. First, do you really want to get him back, will you be happy or are you just lonely right now, but deep inside you know that it probably won’t work out if you get back together?

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